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Features  101

You donít need high-tech gadgetry to have a functioning kitchen. In fact, some of the best solutions are the ones you never see. Compartmented waste bins that help to keep recycling separated are a great green option, while wide, deep drawers, are perfect for housing your stockpots and tall bottles. Slimmer pull-outs havenít been forgotten either. An electric slicer that folds away is always at hand when needed, and Vario trays, with solid wood divisions, means you can adapt space to suit your individual needs. Drawers with a built-in spice rack, and the knife holders not only look sharp, they make finding what you need easy; and theyíre a great child safety feature too. Fully integrated dishwashers with hidden control panel are also available to keep the focus on the lines of your kitchen and not on the appliances.

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